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Robo call from Google?

Google does not:

  • charge for inclusion in Google My Business or in Google Search.
  • offer to improve your search ranking or manage your business’s online profile.
  • ask you for your password or verification code. You should never provide sensitive information about your account (like your password and verification code) to a caller.

If you receive a robocall—a call placed with a recorded voice—for any of the above reasons, it is not from Google. The Federal Trade Commission has established a Robocalls resources website with additional information about robocalls and steps you can take if you receive one.

Unfortunately, not all phone calls from people claiming to be associated with Google are legitimate.

You may receive a phone call from Google to verify your business or confirm business details for Google Maps, or a call from a Google account manager whom you’ve spoken with before.

Google Rewards Mobile Friendly Websites

Today, April 21st 2015 Google released big changes to its search algorithm by giving mobile-friendly websites an increased ranking. This isn’t breaking news as Google announced back in February that this change would be taking affect with more and more users going mobile it only makes sense to give the users a more user friendly mobile experience.


Bean's Coffee Bar - mini donuts

Client Focus: Beans Coffee Bar – Fargo

Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo, ND has an interesting back story, and it’s a large part of the ambience. Heidi Holland’s father was a popular former NDSU football coach who nicknamed her “Beans”. I wonder if he ever guessed she’d later open a coffee shop with the same moniker?

This first location is in a bustling location on Veterans Boulevard and Amber Valley Parkway. An area exploding with new businesses. So what makes Beans stand out? It a beautiful, contemporary setting. It has thoughtful touches like numerous power outlets with A/C and USB connectors, even on the bar top. There’s also a kid friendly area with plenty to keep the little ones occupied while you enjoy a cup of brew. But mini donuts may be the star attraction. You get one free with a hot drink, or they can be ordered by the bag or bucket. Always made fresh to order. What goes better with coffee than a fresh donut?

Mini Donuts

Is your business looking to attract more customers? We would be happy to help showcase your ambience and invite customers to “See Inside” by creating a Google Maps Street View | Trusted 360 Virtual Tour for you! Instantly Double your visibility on Google.

Until then, we’ll see you at Beans Coffee Bar 5675 26th Ave S Suite 100, Fargo, ND 58103 (701) 540-9055

Google Street View Trusted

6 Tips for Mastering Google Maps

David Pogue of Yahoo Tech (and formerly The New York Times), has 6 tips for mastering Google Maps. In case you didn’t know, Google Maps is the most used app on every smartphone platform. However, the new user interface can be confusing, especially to new users. There’s also a very nice plug for Google Local 360, although not mentioned by name. He says, “Come on, this is amazing! How are we not suing Google for witchcraft!”

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