Client Focus: Kupper Chevrolet

Kupper Chevrolet [ko͞opər] in Mandan, ND resides in a building that is over 100-years old, but you’d never guess by looking at their modern facilities. In their Google Street View | Trusted tour you get to explore the showroom, sales floor, waiting room, service drop-off, and parts department. Throughout the dealership, the staff was wonderful, and couldn’t have been more pleasant to work with.

Kupper Chevrolet is part of a larger dealer group that is changing the car buying experience. Sales compensation is paid based on customer satisfaction surveys. Upfront best-pricing and a money back guarantee have all combined to make them the #1 Chevrolet dealer in North Dakota.

Looking to attract more car buyers? We would be happy to help showcase your dealership and invite customers to “See Inside” by creating a Google MapsStreet View | Trusted 360 Virtual Tour for you! It’s the only way to Instantly Double your visibility on Google.

In the meantime, we’ll see you at Kupper Chevrolet 1500 2nd Street NE Mandan, ND 58554 (888) 468-3093

Fargo Theatre Panorama

Client Focus: Fargo Theatre

The historic Fargo Theatre has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and its iconic marquee is the most photographed location in North Dakota, not to mention Fargo. When ESPN Gameday visited Fargo, they chose a downtown location on Broadway, with the Fargo Theater playing a major role. But if you asked the average Fargoan when the last time they were inside the Fargo Theatre, you’d likely be met with a blank stare.

It’s a beautiful, historic theatre both inside and out. We were thrilled to allow Google users to “See Inside”. While shooting the virtual tour, we couldn’t help but notice the new Digital projector right next to the classic film projector. It seemed a nice parallel to the work we were doing creating a digital virtual tour of such a historic building. In both cases, the mix of old and new blending nicely.

If you haven’t been to the Fargo Theatre lately, it’s still a great place to catch a movie. Many people may not realize that in 2009 the Fargo Theatre opened a “second screen”, Off Broadway. It’s a more intimate theatre that hosts many Off Broadway events, and can even be rented to host a birthday party with your own DVD/Blu-Ray movie selection!

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Looking to attract more theatre patrons? We would be happy to help showcase your theatre or any historic location, and invite customers to “See Inside” by creating a Google Maps Street View | Trusted 360 Virtual Tour for you!  It’s the only way to Instantly Double your visibility on Google.

Until then, see you inside the Fargo Theatre! 314 Broadway Fargo, North Dakota 58102 (701) 239-8385

Google’s Magic Leap Video

Google invested over half a billion dollars in a virtual reality company called Magic Leap. This recently released video may explain why:

Google Maps Made Possible by an Elegant, Simple Algorythm

“What’s the shortest way to travel from Rotterdam to Groningen?,” Dijkstra said. “It is the algorithm for the shortest path, which I designed in about 20 minutes.”

Google Maps does this for us now and we don’t even really think about what a complex task it could be. Shortest path problems, a key feature of graph theory with a whole lot of pretty obvious real-world applications, get insanely deep very fast. The result is known (informally) as a combinatorial explosion, which is where the number of different combinations that must be explored in a given problem grows exponentially.

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90% of local people search for this “on the go”?

It seems like everyone is “on the go” these days. I thought for a moment it was because gas prices were below $2.00 per gallon here in Fargo, ND and everyone just got their tax return back. Ok, maybe that’s somewhat true..but, with all the new gadgets and mobile devices, most people enjoy being on the go because technology keeps them aware of what is going on at all hours of the day. So how does this impact consumer purchases and what can local businesses do to market to this growing trend?


In a recent consumer data study from a research firm (sponsored by google) over 4,500 online consumers took a survey across nine categories:


  1. Local Services
  2. Restaurant
  3. Automotive
  4. CPG
  5. Media & Entertainment
  6. Finance
  7. Retail
  8. Technology
  9. Travel


The survey found that nearly 90% of local people using smartphones and 84% of tablet owners searched local businesses for hours, directions, address and the businesses products and services.



The study also discovered that the consumers searched for local business information throughout the entire 4-step purchase process.

  1. INSPIRATION: When you realized you wanted or needed to make the purchase.
  2. RESEARCH: When you actively looked or researched your purchase.
  3. PURCHASE: When you purchased your product or service.
  4. POST-PURCHASE: After you purchased your product or service.




Another interesting point that the survey found, conversions after a local search were 2X as likely vs. a non-local search, plus over 50% of the smartphone searchers visited an offline store following the search within 24 hours. Read more

One of the most important steps for any business owner is to make sure your business information is complete and 100% accurate on all Google networks (see Google guidelines).

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