Want to double the interest your business gets on Google? Add a Virtual Tour

Want to double the interest your business gets on Google? Add a Virtual Tour. 360° Virtual Tours for business, could be beneficial for your visibility. First, when customers are searching on Google they discover your business and what’s most important at that time is First Impression. When they discover you on Google, most customers would like to see your business inside and out. Recent studies have showcased to consumers who use Google Maps when searching for local businesses that 44% of the time, businesses with professional 360˚ Virtual Tours are more likely to: • Create interest • Set appointments • And more business as a result So, how to create a professional Virtual Tour? First of all, contact us ( local360.net). When you have your business photographed by our Google Certified professional, your Virtual Tour will get uploaded to your Google Map listing, along with stock photography photos that both combine to make for an incredibly attractive first impression. (The only expense is the cost of the professional 360˚ Virtual Tour Photography). Please visit local360.net for examples and to schedule your Virtual Tour hashtagvirtualtours hashtagonline marketing

Is your business struggling to get more visitors to your website? The answer might be a Virtual Tour. Here are top 3 benefits to adding Virtual Tour to your web page.

The benefits in Virtual Tour and digital photography is to allow your website visitors 24/7 access to business. Nearly, any business can receive help from a Virtual Tour these days. Renters or homebuyers want to explore a property they are interested in. Fitness enthusiasts are looked at gyms online to get in shape. One of the first businesses that we did a Google Tour for, has over 500,000 views of their Virtual Tour! How many more customers would you have if 500k had the opportunity to see inside, and experience it at their own pace?

Here are top 3 benefits to adding Virtual Tour to your website:

1. Return on investment for Virtual Tours is estimated at less than a month.

Unlike other marketing contents that can take months to prove Return on Investment (ROI), businesses that use Virtual Tours see results much quicker. Virtual Tours increasing engagement, brand reputation, and trust.

2. Virtual Tours hold attention for a long time

Accordingly, to Nielsen Norman Group, the internet users on average spend less than 20 seconds on the webpage. Often they will spend more time on the websites with a Virtual Tour than those without. The average time spent viewing a Virtual Tour is 6 minutes. Millennials are 130% more likely to book a hotel, reserve a restaurant or venue if the business has a Virtual Tour.

3. Virtual Tours are improving Local SEO.

Google Business profiles with quality photos and a Virtual Tour have higher engagement, which can influence search engine result positioning. Virtual Tours embedded on a webpage increase the time on site and a number of clicks. Both important metrics for determining where your business ranks in the search results.

With the new generation of technology on the rise, more and more the Virtual Tours is being offered to help customers do all kind of things- travel, business, education, and much more. Accordingly, to Google, with 67% of surveyed participants saying they want a Virtual Tour when looking at business. There are limited companies that do this service and they have to be a Trusted Google Partner in order to have access to publishing to your virtual tour to Google. Local 360 is one of them. Contact us today at [email protected].

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80% of Millennials want to take a Virtual Tour before visiting businesses

80% of Millennials want to take a Virtual Tour before visiting your store. According to population projections from the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials are on the verge of surpassing Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation. Generation Z is the first generation to have Internet technology available at an early age. With the web revolution that occurred throughout the 1990s and phone evolution in the mid-2000s, they have been exposed to an unlimited amount of technology. As technology became more compact and affordable, and the popularity of smartphones grew in the United States, Gen Z experienced life and business in wildly “unusual” ways than their parents. It is no secret that 54% of millennials shop online. 79% of millennials are using their smartphones to compare retailers. This generation is most likely to research your product and store first before going to make the actual purchase. 80% of millennials want to take a Virtual Tour before visiting your business. If you want to be in the running, you need a Virtual Tour to make the customer’s path from online to offline as seamless as possible. Millennials are spending $600 billion annually and that makes them the most powerful consumers of our time. hashtag#millennialshashtag#virtualtours