Bean's Coffee Bar - mini donuts

Client Focus: Beans Coffee Bar – Fargo

Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo, ND has an interesting back story, and it’s a large part of the ambience. Heidi Holland’s father was a popular former NDSU football coach who nicknamed her “Beans”. I wonder if he ever guessed she’d later open a coffee shop with the same moniker?

This first location is in a bustling location on Veterans Boulevard and Amber Valley Parkway. An area exploding with new businesses. So what makes Beans stand out? It a beautiful, contemporary setting. It has thoughtful touches like numerous power outlets with A/C and USB connectors, even on the bar top. There’s also a kid friendly area with plenty to keep the little ones occupied while you enjoy a cup of brew. But mini donuts may be the star attraction. You get one free with a hot drink, or they can be ordered by the bag or bucket. Always made fresh to order. What goes better with coffee than a fresh donut?

Mini Donuts

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Until then, we’ll see you at Beans Coffee Bar 5675 26th Ave S Suite 100, Fargo, ND 58103 (701) 540-9055

Client Focus: Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home

Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home in Fargo, ND is located near scenic Island Park. It’s a serene and quiet location. That feeling extends into their building, whether on the main floor in one of their chapels, or the lower level fellowship room. Their Google Local 360 tour allows you to explore both levels with an elevator widget in the upper left corner that works similar to an elevator. Click the floor number to be transported to that floor. Try it above by clicking on the 1 or B.

Unless you’ve considered funeral preplanning, a funeral home is probably something you haven’t given much thought until you need one. A Google Local 360 tour is a great way to view the facilities, share with loved ones, and ultimately decide where to invite friends and family. It even allows out-of-town family members to have a voice in the decision, or perhaps visualize where they’ll be giving a eulogy. Providing comfort and inspiration.

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Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home 215 7th St S, Fargo, ND 58103 (701) 232-3222

Client Focus: Strive Chiropractic

Strive Chiropractic in Fargo, ND has a modern, almost coffee shop type atmosphere. It’s very warm and welcoming, and so is the staff. They’ve also paid special attention to make children feel welcome. Their Google Local 360 virtual tour does a good job of conveying those feelings, before you even set foot in the door. When choosing a chiropractor the skill of the doctors is paramount, but lets face it, the atmosphere is important too. While you’re not likely to visit every doctor before choosing one, it’s great when you can see inside from the comfort of your own computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Until then, we’ll see you at Strive Chiropractic 3120 25th St S, Fargo, ND 58103 (701) 893-4200

Strive Chiropractic

Fargo, ND Auto Shop

Client Focus: Mike’s Southside Auto Service

Mike’s Southside in South Fargo, ND is a neighborhood service station that isn’t afraid to tackle the big projects. Tires, brakes, or an engine overhaul they do it all.

If you read Mike’s Google reviews you’ll notice the word honest appears often. When we first approached Mike we had a taste of that honesty. While explaining Google Street View | Trusted he immediately rejected it because it was on the computer, and he must have been having a bad day with his computer. However, on a return visit he was savvy enough to know his customers love their computers, and their smart phones, and are looking for businesses like his every day.

It used to be if you were looking for a mechanic, plumber, electrician or other service worker you’d consult a friend or family member. More often, people are instead turning to the internet. A verified Google Business profile and Google Street View | Trusted 360 tour instantly doubles your visibility on Google, and immediately invites users inside. When you view Mike’s virtual tour, you see his shop is a buzz with activity. A clean comfortable waiting area, and some of the specialized equipment they use to perform their work. Including an alignment rack not offered by most smaller shops.


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In the meantime, we’ll see you at Mike’s Southside Service, 1617 32nd Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103 ph. (701) 282-5305

Fargo Theatre Panorama

Client Focus: Fargo Theatre

The historic Fargo Theatre has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and its iconic marquee is the most photographed location in North Dakota, not to mention Fargo. When ESPN Gameday visited Fargo, they chose a downtown location on Broadway, with the Fargo Theater playing a major role. But if you asked the average Fargoan when the last time they were inside the Fargo Theatre, you’d likely be met with a blank stare.

It’s a beautiful, historic theatre both inside and out. We were thrilled to allow Google users to “See Inside”. While shooting the virtual tour, we couldn’t help but notice the new Digital projector right next to the classic film projector. It seemed a nice parallel to the work we were doing creating a digital virtual tour of such a historic building. In both cases, the mix of old and new blending nicely.

If you haven’t been to the Fargo Theatre lately, it’s still a great place to catch a movie. Many people may not realize that in 2009 the Fargo Theatre opened a “second screen”, Off Broadway. It’s a more intimate theatre that hosts many Off Broadway events, and can even be rented to host a birthday party with your own DVD/Blu-Ray movie selection!

View Larger Map

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Until then, see you inside the Fargo Theatre! 314 Broadway Fargo, North Dakota 58102 (701) 239-8385

Breadsmith photo fargo

Client Focus: Breadsmith Fargo – “See Inside”

Breadsmith of Fargo specializes in hand crafted artisan breads made fresh from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives. When they say “made from scratch” it truly is and also the daily bread is never frozen. Products are baked in a 13,000 pound, stone hearth oven imported from Europe that is nothing short of awesome.

A midwest based company, every Breadsmith location believes in “quality over quantity.” Rob Roberts, owner of Breadsmith Fargo brings that same approach and his team takes it to the next level with their passion, cleanliness and smiling faces to every customer that walks thru the door. I always thought that bread was “just bread” until I experienced Breadsmith. Everyone loves getting “the best product at an affordable price” and Breadsmith does exactly that!

Here is a great example of a small business that is truly connected to the community of Fargo Moorhead and loves giving back. You will also be happy to know that Rob and his team donate their time and products to those who are in need. They donate bread to shelters and soup kitchens, as well as generous gift certificates and bread orders to assist local fundraisers.

“We’re looking for ways to make the in store experience even easier for the customer.” says President Tim Malouf. Go click around and zoom in on the 360 Virtual Tour above at Breadsmith of Fargo. You can do everything but smell the fresh bread. Check out all the daily fresh bread and remember they also make specialty breads and a wide range of cookies, muffins and sweets.IMG_1701IMG_1719

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Client Focus: Spicy Pie Pizza, NDSU 360 Tour

Spicy Pie NDSU ceilingWalking thru the front door at Spicy Pie NDSU gives you a fun, creative energy that just feels great.  A Google Street View | Trusted 360 interactive tour allows you to feel that energy by seeing 360 degrees in every direction.  While you may wonder why it’s important to see every angle, you only need to take a look straight up.  You will find ceiling tiles with very unique artwork.

Creativity is something that every Spicy Pie location does an amazing job displaying.  Spicy Pie is a local Fargo based company that has brought New York style pizza to the midwest.   These pizzas are HUGE…18″ to be exact and watching the team make your pizza from scratch is a treat in itself.  I have never seen a guy toss a pizza so fast and high before.  Someone said he was Italian, and it was genetic.  You can order just a slice of pizza with whatever toppings you please, order a cold beer, have a soda, enjoy some wings, try out a grinder sandwich or pick anything from the excellent menu items.  Getting back to those ceiling tiles, they can be purchased. So you can create your own design and display it at the restaurant.

NDSU students, you can use your Bison Bucks at the Spicy Pie NDSU and get great deals on t-shirts plus other items, Go Bison!  If you are visiting your son or daughter on the NDSU campus just walk across the street. You will able to experience the unique atmosphere at Spicy Pie NDSU.  If you can’t make it to Spicy Pie NDSU soon, they have locations in Downtown Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, Minot and also Grand Forks.  Check out each location’s unique decor and atmosphere.

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In the meantime, we’ll see you at Spicy Pie NDSU.  1414 12th ave N, Ste B, Fargo, ND 58102 – ph 701.356.7438

Let me Google that for you

View Tour on Google Maps

Client Focus: Spicy Pie Pizza, Downtown Fargo

spicy pie grinderSpicy Pie is a North Dakota company that specializes in hand-tossed pizzas, grinders, wings, and more. There are locations in Minot, Grand Forks, and 3 locations in Fargo. Beer is available at all locations, liquor at some. While there is often a line at meal times, the wait us usually short. Eat in, take out, or have it delivered.

spicy pie hand tossedI remember the first time I walked into Spicy Pie, I wasn’t sure if I was still in downtown Fargo, or uptown NYC. The historic building, and decor gave it a big city vibe. As did the generous sized slice of pizza with your choice of toppings, at an affordable price. Even graffiti on the walls. New York style. The atmosphere is fun, and so is the staff. The exposed brick and lots of wood helped contribute to a great looking photo tour. Click and drag (or touch) the tour above to experience it for yourself. Of course to experience the smells and the flavors, you’ll have to visit in person.

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Please contact us at [email protected] or call (800) 358-0101 for more information.

Client Focus: Granite City – Fargo, ND

Granite City – Fargo, ND

Granite City Food and Brewery is a polished casual American restaurant in Fargo, ND featuring fresh made from scratch recipes since 2001.  With over 30 restaurants in 13 states Granite City has won awards nationwide for Best Restaurant, Best Brunch, Best Patio, Best Beer and Best Martini.  Granite City Food & Brewery in Fargo, ND was a Finalist for Best Restaurants in the 2014 “Best of the Red River Valley”.  Some signature dishes include Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Linguini, Barramundi Buerre Blanc, Grilled Garlic Butter Sirloin, “Big Show” Burger and my personal favorite Cuban Sandwich.

The handcrafted signature beers which are made on-site and use a patented brewing process, Fermentus Interruptus include The Duke (Pale Ale), The Bennie (Bock), The Batch (Double IPA), The Northern (American Style Light Lager), The Stout and seasonal brews are featured throughout the year.

Granite City Fargo, ND

If you haven’t made it to a Sunday Brunch at Granite City you are missing out.  They have one of the Best Sunday Brunches around, so bring the whole Family and Enjoy all Granite City has to offer.  With so much to offer Granite City Food & Brewery wanted to showcase it’s beautiful building and decor to potential customers online everywhere.  Take a look around the Virtual Tour and swing by Granite City Food & Brewery in Fargo, ND for some Food, Brews and Fun…You will be glad you did.

Client Focus: Hatch Realty – Fargo, ND

Hatch Realty and the Erik Hatch Team are passionate about real estate.  They are the fastest growing real estate company in the Fargo Moorhead area and recently moved into a new office to accommodate there passionate growing real estate team.  Marketing is extremely important when it comes to real estate and so the Hatch Realty Team partnered with Google Street View | Trusted to create a high definition 360 Virtual Tour of there new office at 1205 16th ave Fargo, ND.  “Giving potential clients a chance to virtually visit our office before coming in guarantees us more visits.” -Erik Hatch, Owner, Hatch Realty.  The entire Hatch Realty team has been involved with “Homeless and Hungry” for the past 8 years and they believe strongly in giving back to the community.  The Forum named Erik Hatch “Best Real Estate Agent 2013”.  If you are looking to looking to buy or sell a home you owe it to yourself to visit with the incredible team at Hatch Realty.

erik hatch team

The Erik Hatch Team of Hatch Realty is in the business of helping people. We just happen to sell real estate!