Client Focus: Beans Coffee Bar – Fargo

Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo, ND has an interesting back story, and it’s a large part of the ambience. Heidi Holland’s father was a popular former NDSU football coach who nicknamed her “Beans”. I wonder if he ever guessed she’d later open a coffee shop with the same moniker?

This first location is in a bustling location on Veterans Boulevard and Amber Valley Parkway. An area exploding with new businesses. So what makes Beans stand out? It a beautiful, contemporary setting. It has thoughtful touches like numerous power outlets with A/C and USB connectors, even on the bar top. There’s also a kid friendly area with plenty to keep the little ones occupied while you enjoy a cup of brew. But mini donuts may be the star attraction. You get one free with a hot drink, or they can be ordered by the bag or bucket. Always made fresh to order. What goes better with coffee than a fresh donut?

Mini Donuts

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Until then, we’ll see you at Beans Coffee Bar 5675 26th Ave S Suite 100, Fargo, ND 58103 (701) 540-9055