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View a variety of our HD still photos. From businesses, and hotels in cooperation with Google Street View | Trusted, to home and apartment custom tours produced in house. Our service and quality is second to none. HIRE experts, we’ll make your business shine!

HDR Photography

We’re high-dynamic-range experts

This pool scene for a client’s apartment building in South Fargo has nice composition, showcasing a pool area with nice large windows. However, as the non-HDR image shows, the lighting is very difficult. With a single photo, it’s not possible to capture the interior, and the view through the windows. The HDR image was shot at the same time, with the exact same camera, lens and only natural light. It captures the entire scene beautifully.

Even modern DSLR cameras and high-quality lenses can’t reproduce the same range of lighting as the human eye. This is especially noticeable when a scene contains a bright light source, like a window. High-dynamic-range imagery combines a range of under and overexposed bracketed images to create a single image that more closely mirrors human vision. We use photography techniques, specialized software, and experience to produce natural looking imagery. The results can be amazing.

No HDR photo
Scene without high-dynamic-range imagery

HDR photo Fargo
Scene with high-dynamic-range imagery