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Google’s Brings Virtual Reality Class Trips to Schools – Expedition Pioneer Program

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program brings more than 100 possible journeys to the classroom. These include exotic locations, like trips to Mars, The Amazon, Borneo National Park, or the bottom of the sea. The also offer career expeditions, to see what it’s like to be a pilot or veterinarian for example. Virtual journeys last about 20 minutes. Far less than an actual trip to Mars, or Borneo, and far more affordable.

Google Expeditions is a program that allows students to experience some wonderful journeys through virtual reality viewers. The journeys are appropriate for 3rd to 8th graders, and teachers can modify the notes and curriculum. Teacher’s kits which are included in the program allow the teacher to control and moderate from a tablet. Also included is some background, and key information for teachers to point out to students.

“The sounds are all authentic and the visuals are real. It’s as close to being there without actually leaving the school,” said Joanne Geremia-Baggio, principal at St. John Catholic Elementary School in Guelph. “There’s just no way we could actually take any of these trips.”

Google for Education helps school acquire tablets, laptops and other technology for the classroom and they assist teachers to link the technology with lessons and resources.

However, you don’t need a virtual reality headset or special program to explore destinations near you in virtual reality right through your web browser. Google Maps Street View brings exterior views of almost every location, and Google Street View | Trusted Business Photographers are adding interiors every day. Here’s an example of a 360 degree panoramic photosphere we recently did on the steps of the ND Capitol Building, or see inside.