Google Street View moves inside businesses

Google’s Street View panoramic images of streets are moving indoors. The search engine is now posting panoramic views of the interiors of businesses.

You probably remember when Google sent vans to drive through every street around town, taking pictures of the outside of businesses and homes. Now you’ll be able to see inside some businesses with the same panoramic technology.


Grand Forks, ND - Canad Inn

How to see inside businesses using Google Maps

Placing the Pegman on an orange dot will give you a panoramic look at a business. Google

A new feature inside Google Maps lets users peek inside businesses before visiting them, thanks to panoramic photos shared by the businesses with Google.


Step inside the businesses of Wales using Google Street View | Trusted

It’s amazing how much of the world you can explore on Google Street View – the map tool that gives you the option to roam over streets and roads thousands of miles away… or right inside your front door.

Now Google has added the opportunity to have a good old nose around businesses, both inside and out.

Google Business Photos Brings Street View Inside

GOOGLE-BUSINESS-VIEWMarissa Mayer, Google VP of Location and Local Services, told a crowd at the Social Loco social networking conference that Google Business Photos will soon be bringing Street View indoors. With the new service, users will be able to explore restaurants, stores and other businesses in a panorama interface that’s very similar to Google’s Street View. While sites like Yelp let businesses and users upload photos, Google Business Photos is relying on its own photographers to populate the pages, and Google requires businesses to opt in before letting photographers visit businesses. Think of the photographers like flesh and blood Googlemobiles.